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Brake Repairs & Replacements


Brake Repairs & Brake Replacements for Airdrie vehicle owners

At W & B Automotive, we repair and replace service most types of automobile and light truck braking systems, including disc brakes, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), drum brakes, and parking brakes. We can do all your brake repairs and service work related to your brakes such as custom wheels and tires and almost all your automobile repairs for your entire vehicle. 

Just to provide a bit more information, see below on why brakes fail and how to know when it’s time to bring in the car.

Why do brakes fail?

Some major reasons brakes can fail are:

  • Frequent use creates heat which damages brake pads or shoes
  • Brakes in your vehicle will sometimes have sticky or seized sliders and/or guides
  • Oil seals leak on the brakes
  • Aggressive driving and braking wears them down

How can you spot Brake Problems?

We know that it’s easy to ignore small signs that something is wrong with your car’s brakes, but for the safety of yourselves, loved ones, and all motorists, make sure you check out these problems. Some signs your brakes may not be working well are:

  • Squealing, grinding, or even clicking sounds when brakes pushed down
  • Brake warning signal comes on
  • Fluid appears to be leaking from brakes or general wheel area
  • Drag on vehicle as you accelerate
  • Slow response when brake pedal depressed
  • Unusual pull or grab feelings from brakes
  • Pushing sensation from brakes on your foot

If you notice these signs, don’t risk it and get immediate attention from the experts at W & B Automotive. We can diagnose the problem, provide an estimate, and get you on your way with a repair or replacement as required.

We look forward to being of service to you. So contact us today.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

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Friendly Staff!

“This shop is great. Staff was very friendly. What I liked best about this shop was every time a customer came through the door, they where greeted by their first name. That told me this was the place to do business. W&B was recommended to me, best chance on a new shop I've taken in years. The work I had done was perfect and the price was so reasonable, I am sold they have a new customer for as long as I live in Airdrie and I'll be telling friends and family about these guys. Thanks for making our transaction great.”


- Brian

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