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Family-owned and operated, W&B Automotive proudly Serving Airdrie and area since 1983

About Us

Wayne and Brigitte (W&B) Laplante started out on August 1, 1983 at the Airdrie Shell with a two bay garage and towing capabilities. With one employed apprentice Technician and Wayne, a licensed Technician, W&B Automotive Repair became incorporated on August 29, 1983.

Three years later the Shell station was condemned, and therefore, we had to move. In the same area, a Turbo was opening so we decided to manage it, however, this was not enough. Six months later W&B Automotive opened once again, this time out of a shop behind Turbo. After a few months of working out of this location some land become available to purchase and W&B Automotive had found its home. We built a four bay automotive shop in 1987-88.

With a home established, it was time for W&B Automotive to concentrate on the auto and truck repairs. Our goal has always been to keep up with the constantly changing automotive technology. From carbureted vehicles to fuel injection and now scan tools and monitors that diagnose trouble codes and I Flash, which is technology that re-learns or updates your vehicle‚ internal computer for optimization, W&B Automotive has stayed in tune with these advancements.

W&B Automotive now employs four full-time Technicians, one of which specializes in diesel vehicles, a service advisor and two part-time employees. This level of expertise makes W&B Automotive your one stop automotive repair company; a shop that is family-owned and operated since 1983 and will stay this way into the future.

W&B automotive is a member of the BBB, CFIB and Taxpayers Confederation.